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[Tip] How To Save All Your Opened Tabs In Google Chrome

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Google Chrome, blazingly fast browser, provides an useful option to restore all of the tabs that you had open when you last closed.This feature is similar to Firefox’s Session Manager.


  • By using this option you can just leave up all of the pages that you visit frequently and they were the next time when you the browser.
  • You can easily recover all the tabs from any sudden crash of the browser.

How to Enable The Option

By default this option is disabled.Follow the below steps to enable the option:

Step 1: Click on the Tools button located on top right of the browser and select Options.

Step 2: On the Basics tab of the Options just enable the Restore the pages that were open last option which is located at the top.That’s it!

  • Juanita Renee Miglio

    There is no “Options” selection!!

  • Eric Itzhak

    There is an extension that lets u save alot of tabs, u just press a button and it send u an email with 
    URL to open back all your tabs at the time, so it’s better because u can save not only your last session ones.
    This is a link : 

  • Chris

    Hi, i want to format my PC but keep my tabs, setting and any other info (like usernames and passwords) for both Chrome and firefox. How can i do so, where are these information stored? Thanks

  • Vlad

    I would like to have button to save sets of tabs…

  • Muf

    thanx u dr ………………..

  • Manjunath

    Thanks for the that post…

  • biffbiffson

    thanks a lot, you rule!

  • John

    This is good, but Chrome should allow us to save open tabs to a bookmarks folder, and then be able to open them all at once.
    Firefox is still way ahead on this one.

  • Alan

    how did i save all open tabs in google chrome?

  • Ferris

    @Mauroz – +1

    ^_^ tyvm

  • Ramesh Iyer

    Was a great help, as I am new to Google Chrome, and have been very comfy using Firefox with multiple tabs. Thanx a lot !

  • Katrina de Gruchy

    Brilliant thank you!! Just what I was looking for.

  • MauroZ

    To save opened tabs:
    Right click on any tab.
    Select Bookmark all tabs…

  • girish

    how to save all the opened tabs into my computer., it means how save as the files to system at a time.

  • Someone

    This might be off topic but it would be great if Chrome can saved all current tabs as a collection and store as a bookmark or some sort of libraries.

  • amina

    thankx a lot for this guidance

  • Isa

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  • justine

    hello sir, i using google chrome browser. some times power cut-off that time my tabs are closed, so how to save all tabes

  • venkat

    This tip will save lot of time ,so that we don’t need type those website addresses again.