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7 Websites To Listen High Quality Bollywood Songs Online For Free

Listen to Bollywood Hindi Songs Online As Bollywood films and music are becoming increasing popular world wide, many web sites started offering legally free access to listen to Bollywood Hindi songs. We can find dozens of web sites that offer legally free music streaming but only very few are providing good quality streaming with minimal or very less pop-ups ads.

Here are the few best web sites that offer high quality Bollywood Hindi MP3 songs streaming for free web site is from the popular web18 Venture that also owns Indian news channels CNN IBN & IBN Live. The user interface of is the best when compared to the rest of the web sites that offer free music streaming. The quality of songs streaming, esthetic look and feel with web 2.0 standards makes to stand out from other sites. Personally is my favourite web site to listen to the latest Bollywood songs. is my personal favourite to listen Bollywood Hindi Songs

The downside of the web site is the lack of huge collection of albums. The number of music albums available are considerably small when compared to other web sites. But if you are looking for latest Bollywood Hindi songs then is the best place to hang around.

Raaga is one of the first web sites that started offering free music online. It’s been around for several years and has a huge collection of songs. Almost every Hindi Movie Album, Private Albums, Ghazals are available for streaming.


You should install Real Player plug-in (i don’t like this software) to listen to the songs. Also the pop-up ads are very notorious, you need a pop-up blocker software to browser through this site. has a very good collection of Bollywood Hindi songs for streaming. But the web site does not follow any of the web 2.0 standards. The layout is very plain and advertisements are slapped top, left & bottom of every page.


Apart from providing free streaming of Bollywood Hindi songs, the web site also features music reviews, most popular songs lists( current top 10 & 20 songs).

At you can not only listen to Bollywood Hindi songs but also you can build a social network with people who loves music. Dhingana platform allow you to discover new music and share it with your friends easily.


To play your favourite movie songs you can explore Alphabetical Album List or Recent Album List or Most Listened Album List. Also there is an option to filter the movie albums based on the time – Today, This Week, This Month and All Time

I love the domain name of this site as it is chosen creatively like The site has good collection of Bollywood Hindi Songs with zero pop-up ads. Another nice feature is that it offers high quality music playback for high speed Internet connections and medium quality music quality playback for low speed Internet connections.


This is another source for good Hindi music online.

Rediff Music

rediff_ishare_hindi_music_streamingRediff, the popular portal for Indian news, movies, reviews, classifieds and shopping, offers free music streaming. But the user interface is so unusable you never think of going to this site until or unless they have the songs that are not available anywhere else on the web.

These are the web sites that I came across and personally used to listen to songs online. Hope you will also find these web sites useful to listen music.

What are your favourite web sites to listen Hindi songs? If we missed any of your favourite sites lets us hear through comments.

  • Adeel

    hey please upload all the punjabi songs that contain move your body dialogue

  • Rash
  • Karthik

    Hi Gopinath, Thank you very much for your message. I want to launch similar kind of website for all Indian languages songs and Arabic songs. May i know what are the legal formalities i have to complete. Please reply to my email given in this posting.

  • Manoj

    Has anyone tried The best part about this site is that you can search for songs alongside the player and continue searching for tracks without disturbing the player. It also has Weekly top songs playlists and other such extras with a very clean interface.

  • Buy PHP Books

    I prefer Dishant because they have uninterrupted streaming system and shows less ads.It has got a light and easy Interface.Besides,you have made a nice compilation.

  • Reverse Phone USA

    Those are nice websites but you missed the best one.Its called check it out once and you will never require another site to listen high quality bollywood songs for free.

  • messages

    hey, Friends u can watch
    Hindi movies and review like
    Tees maar khan review and many more

  • Raheel Afzal is best.

  • Reece is a great site for listening to all music. It is a free online media player with a similar interface to iTunes (e.g. play lists, drag and drop, cover flow etc…) except it sources all of its content from YouTube. You can also use it to share your music via facebook, twitter, and email.

  • Anupam

    can somebody tell me websites for download free latest high quality(320kbps) hindi mp3 songs

  • Qasim

    I bet this website is best to all of these 7 websites.I can challenge.Here Is so much easy to watch High Definition DVD movies and songs. visit site

  • Luck Feast

    Hi ,
    We are doing a website for listen to online free music , all people can listen with our website. Try to spend fun time :)

  • Dheeraj

    I agree with Mahesh Venkat. ever since their launch of web 2.0 features, site looks awesome and cool.

    The player features that I really love are quicklist, recent plays, history of songs played. I like music maps feature too which is pretty cool.

    Musical greetings is quite good with songs attached. I sent a couple of them to my friends and family this Diwali. They were all surprised. I have just been hanging most of the time at Raaga these days.

  • Mahesh Venkat

    Thanks for a good comparison of Indian music sites.
    With the recent upgrade of Raaga,com (beta Raaga site), they have raised their bar with good social networking features along with a rich set of various genres of music.

    Now when you compare with, I would think Raaga has a lot of compelling features like:
    publishing playlist, Music Map, Friends Connect, Raaga musical greetings, music map, get a snapshot live listeners across the globe.


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  • khaled

    hai friends , u may download the songs from , 3. , these all are free website to download , try nce

  • Rohit Sharma

    Actually, I find to be really good. Simple interface and very fast also

  • boonei

    You can use google services to check if the sire you are visiting has been infected with some malware. There is something called as a scandoo search, see the example below given to search Copy paste the URL in a new browser window and visit the page.

    You would like to change and check for the website you would like to view and listen to music so change to

  • swades

    is there any good website where i could download the songs too for free. and WITHOUT ANY VIRUS. thanks. please email me if you can.

  • Ramzi

    Please add me in your members also please send me new latest bollywood songs for download

  • varun is also a best site

  • rizzy

    dhingana is the best one

  • venkat

    Till know I know Raaga only thanks for letting us know about other sites as well for listening to music free online