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Download High Quality Vodafone ZooZoo Ringtones [ MP3 Files ]


Vodafone ZooZoos are the best ad campaign that I’ve ever seen. They are making IPL ad breaks so much of fun and interesting. Couple of days ago I posted an article with collection of all ZooZoo ads released so far and the post is updated regularly as when the new ads are released.

Here is another post on the very entertaining ZooZoos – download the funny sounds of ZooZoos from Vodafone website

  • Download ZooZoo Laughing Sound (from Cricket Alerts ad)
  • Download ZooZoo Grumble Sound (from Call Filter ad)
  • Download ZooZoo Scream Sound (from Beauty Alerts ad)
  • Download ZooZoo Tease Sound (from Busy Message ad)
  • Download ZooZoo Fighting Sound (from Live Maps)

Set them as your mobile ring tones and have fun :)

  • Ajay kashyap

    so sos sos so funny///…..

  • rekha

    zoo zoo is one of my favourite1 i love zoo zoo

  • Arif


  • raj


  • Avinash

    zoozoo is great. Especially Rajani Kant version..Awsome

  • sravan

    hands up to concept for the zoo zoo……………………….

  • BiCKY

    Vodafone Zoo Zoo ad is too unique and I like their all unique styles . . .Thanks them

  • janardhan


  • sisi

    zoozoo ads are no 1 ads in to other ads

  • sisi

    excelent ads saw in my’s very very cute cute &lovely ads

  • mahi sharma

    zoozoo tushi great ho pazzzzi

  • harish

    Can somebody please tell me how i’ld get zoozoo band music which comes after every add of vodafone?

  • Pooja

    i love zoo zooooo my cousion call me zoo zoo. I have lot of collection of zoo wallpaper, keychains, bags etc….,

  • deepak tomar

    hi i love vodavone adds

  • pintu



    How I get all ZOOZOO ads. There is only 25 to 30 . I think there is more than that about 53 to 60 .
    Please give information

  • Gopal Aggarwal


  • prince thakur

    really good every one like zoo zoo thnx for tone

  • MonLe

    zoozoo clips are on youtube
    you can cut ringtones from them using

  • Hiren

    thks whole team for those ringtones may god bless u every one.

  • ikbal

    i like zoo zoo

  • Akshay

    so fuuny

  • jagadish

    Where can i get the Zoo Zoo band music, which comes in the end of every zoo zoo ad.

  • sudha

    ideas are too good i like zoo zoo vedios very much

  • nilesh

    zoo zoo is one of my favourite1 i love zoo zoo


    zoozoo super…………………………..

  • raj

    zoo zoo is one of my favourite1 i love zoo zoo

  • Ankur

    Where can i get the Zoo Zoo band music, which comes in the end of every zoo zoo ad.

  • manish

    i like zoo zoooooooooooooooooo

  • ranga

    its really fentasticcccccccccccccccccc


    very than”Q”

  • Vicky

    thanks a lot……….. It’s realy Amazing and Beautiful.


    Thanks a lot i am very happy to watch this ad so once again thank u very muchhhhhhhhhhhhh…….

  • rony

    thanks brother, but now i need the vodafone diwalli special ringtone, can you help me to enjoy this?

  • virender

    can anybody tell from where to download ‘uh lalala ulle o’ kingfisher ringtone

  • Prakash

    Hi, I have extracted that ringtones, but how to get it to my mobile…is there any other source that i can download it directly to my mobile

  • me

    zoo…… zoooo…….zo.zo.zooooooo
    ha ha ha ha

  • Vaibhav

    Very swt……

  • manoj

    thanks man.
    they r awesome

  • vinay

    this is very beautiful idea

  • Jay Patel

    Thank for giving me this lovely ringtone for my mobile like zoo zoo.
    and pls make more ringtones like ponds , kingfisher , etc .

  • Gopinath

    Abhi & Srini,
    Unzip the files to extract MP3 files.

  • srini

    live abhi mentioned it is showing in format

  • manesh

    Zoozoos r awsome i have never seen such an outstanding idea 4 an add……hats of to the creaters and Vodaphone..

  • abhi

    this is not mp3 type
    it is showing me as .zip

  • Sushant

    Everybody loves zoo zoos . Thx for the tones.

  • Gopinath

    Looks like the star of the match ringtone is not available to download directly from vodafone website. But you can try to extract music from YouTube videos. Do you know how to extract MP3s from YouTube videos?

  • Nitin

    Can someone tell me where can i get the star of the match ringtone?

  • venkat

    Really hats of to the concept of zoozoo ads from vodafone.These ads are awesome

  • Glenn

    Guess what, even AMUL have used these characters in the Amul Butter ads. They can be seen on hoardings.
    The zoozoo fan base on facebook has crossed the magic figure of a lakh. They also have a new facebook url which is