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Read Eenadu Online Newspaper In Firefox And Chrome Without Any Font Issues

Eenadu-logoEENADU – The Heart & Soul of telugu people across the world, is one of the favourite online newspapers. The font rendering is working fine only in IE and this forces us to use IE always.

The website itself provides a solution for this problem, but sometimes it is not working fine.So, after some googling I found a way to read the online paper in Firefox and chrome.

These steps are easy enough to follow and once you install the font, Eenadu paper renders very nicely inside Firefox and Chrome.

1.Just Click here to download the font file.

2.Click on Start button -> Go to Control Panel -> Double click on FONTS folder

3.Click File option on window menu -> Install New Font -> Select the location of and Point to -> Click Ok

or You can drag and drop the file eenadu.ttf file to the FONTS folder.

  • ravi

    The fonts helped me thank you, by the way we can get last 3 months news of eenadu in the url hope it helps.

  • piya

    can i get da newspaper of 29,30nov nd 1st dec hyderabad plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… itz kinda urgent… plzzzz help me some1.. plzzzzzzzzzz

  • anudeep

    sir can u pls send me url for september 16 and 17 for banglore edition

  • g.pradeep

    Pl tell me how to read august 15 eenadu news paper

  • Ravi kiran

    thanks a ton boss…:):)

  • Abdul

    hello.!! am Abdul Quddus. i have one problem please how to find and get eenadu old dsc 2008 paper eenadu e paper 2009…… please telllllll me……….


    How to Read EEnadu on Ipad/Iphone

  • giri

    Generally i use chrome..but eenadu paper not opening properly except main page….even i adjusted browser settings….In IE, seeing enaadu paper diff… works i installed font file……In Chrome also eenadu paper opening properly now./…………..thankx

  • anand

    super basu


    it is working fine in ubuntu linux .I was strugling for a long time.
    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Sri

    Superb Excellent boss……….good work

  • corcks


  • Nisha

    It worked. I downloaded the eenadu font from below link:

  • Nisha

    HI, I m not able to find or eenadu.ttf inside my FONTS folder. Can you please help me out where I can find it?


  • Venkat

    It’s amazing…….working fine -).Thank you.

  • Sarath

    Thanks… It worked

  • Satish

    Thanks a lot. Very helpful tip.

  • Varun

    Wow!!! works great….. Thank u mate…

  • Jaipal

    Thanks so much!.

  • KAKA

    Awesome dude!!!

  • anil

    thanks a’s very usefull

  • karna

    thanq very much for giving such good suggestion

  • jeevan

    It’s very nice to improve the google chrome more convenient for chrome users

  • ramesh

    its toooooooooooo nice…………

  • nagaraju

    supurb sir… i can read eenadu paper online…..thanks a ton

  • Rate

    super…excellent… morvelous…Really Great help to me ……
    Thanks Mamaaa!

    • Gopinath

      You are welcome mama :)