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HandBrake: An Excellent Free App To Convert Any Video Format To iPod-Ready Format

handbrake_logoHandBrake is a popular free media converter tool that converts practically any type of video to whatever video format you desire.

Available in both graphical and command line modes, Handbrake recently adds several useful features like universal input,better video quality, and also integration with VLC to do DVD decryption.

The most useful feature is called presets.This feature saves you lot of time in convert any video format into something that’s ready to load on your iPod,Apple TV and other video devices by simply selecting the preloaded settings.

Download latest version of HandBrake

  • Damodhar

    Hi Brandy, the destination file box is just a location, where you want to store the converted file.For example you can type “C:\test.mp4″, then the output file is generated with this file name.
    or you can click the browse button and select any location.

    Check this
    for more information.

  • logoylores

    what software do you use? I use iskysoft video converter. But, usually there is an option there like “target path”,”browse” or something like that for you to set the output destination.

  • Brady

    I was wondering how you choose the destination or what you put in the file: box, because i cannot find any place that it will let me put the file