What’s New In The Next Version Of iPhone? [Rumors]

Apple’s Developer conference is going to held in another three weeks time. As the days are nearing, hot rumors about the next iPhone are getting spread across the world.


The next iPhone images that got leaked in early February this year has set lot of expectation for the iPhone release this year. According to the rumor, the new iPhone would have the following features

  1. 3.2 Megapixel camera
  2. 600Mhz CPU
  3. 256MB RAM
  4. 32GB/16GB storage versions
  5. Undefined FM feature.

With all these features the new iPhone is expected to be a solid performer along with the new iPhone 3.0 OS.

Also recently, there is one more rumor which says that there will not be any new iPhone released this year at worldwide developer conference and Apple actually would host a special event at the end of June or early July to introduce multiple new iPhone models. One more reason for which Apple need to unveil the new iPhone 2009 at the conference is because of the Palm Pre’s release in early June. If Apple makes the announcement about its next iPhone in late June, then there is ample time for Palm Pre to pick up its sale in a span of one month. This might highly affect the next iPhone sales. But well, this is just a rumor. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and check out the reality.

CC Image Credit : William Hook

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