WETH/THOR Pools On Sushiswap

On the Ethereum Mainnet, Thorswap x Sushi Onsen Farm has been launched. The Dashboard explores how users stake their liquidity on this new farm. What is the amount of funds that have been transferred from the old contract to the new contract? Is there any remaining in the old one? Has the liquidity of many …

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Ethereum Miners Analysis – Past 60 Days

Our focus in this article is to study the ethereum.core.fact_blocks table, Are there certain miners that prefer mining blocks with fewer transactions? Are some miners only mining blocks with high transaction counts? By analyzing the distribution of transaction counts, you can determine what constitutes low or high transaction counts Overview Of Ethereum Miners On Ethereum’s …

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BendDAO Balance Sheet

In this article, we are going to build a comprehensive balance sheet dashboard for BendDAO. Here are some of the metrics we are going to include: collateral by collection, total debt, total reserves, utilization rates, and anything else you feel is relevant. Introduction The BendDAO protocol is the first NFT liquidity protocol that is built …

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An Analysis Of The New Celsius Wallets 

The purpose of this article is to create a dashboard that tracks the activity of newly identified Celsius wallets. Analyze incoming vs. outgoing transactions over time. What is the average amount transferred? In what proportions are wallets composed by token? Tweet your dashboard and tag larry- @lawmaster. Overview About Celsius Network Through a compounding yield …

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Sushi During Volatile Times

In recent days ethereum, the bellwether of the defi, has been hit by a blow to the crypto market. The chief reason for this is Terra’s UST stablecoin. Ethereum plunged earlier this week to a 52-week low of $1,700, a price that has not been seen since December 2020. Despite the fact that demand for the …

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New Users Onboarding To Polygon Blockchain

For the Ethereum blockchain, Polygon is a secondary scaling solution. Rather than using their own blockchain, these solutions integrate with an existing blockchain network. Polygon works on Ethereum, which has become increasingly slow and costly as it becomes more popular. Platform Polygon uses Ethereum’s blockchain to connect Ethereum-based projects. In addition to increasing the flexibility, …

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Polygon vs Harmony – Transactions & Fees

Harmony A layer-1 blockchain, Harmony uses sharding and Effective Proof of Stake to achieve scalability, security, and decentralization. A trustless cross-chain bridge and four shards of the network enable transactions to be processed simultaneously. The network was launched in 2019 and has four shards. The use of effective Proof of Stake leads to decentralization of …

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Solana NFT Dashboard

Check this dashboard to get an overview of Solana NFT ecosystem and learn more about Candy Machine as well as how Solana compares to Ethereum NFT ecosystem.