AB2 Gallery Wallets

In this dashboard, Let’s look at wallets that buy from AB2 Gallery! What is Algorand ? How does it competes with Ethereum ? With ALGO, the native currency of Algorand, the network is decentralized and uses blockchain technology.By combining well-established cryptocurrencies with new technologies, such as Algorand will offer features such as decentralization, transactions without …

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Let it burn!

There is nothing quite as stimulating as decreasing supply. Certainly that’s the intention. Terra voted to burn a large percentage of her tokens due to that reason. Burning LUNA will burn 89 million tokens (roughly $4.5 billion) in the Terra team’s decision. Following the proposal put forward by Terra co-founder Do Kwon, the token’s price shot up …

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Analysis Of Bot Swappers

As a result of this article, we aim to discuss the topic of bot swappers and compare their behavior to that of average swappers (i.e. non-bot swappers) in terms of number of swaps. In addition, check the percentage of swaps executed by bots over the past 30 days. Additionally, have a look at what pools and what …

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