How To Get Google+ Invites?

Google Plus is a new social networking service from Google and it’s aimed to compete with the social networking giant Facebook. Google’s attempts at social networking in the past were never a hit (few of them were miserable fails – Google Wave, Google Buzz) but this time Google seems to be getting things.


Google Plus is an invite only service at the moment and you can’t access it without an initiation. So far Google sent invitations to selected bloggers and high profile web users.

If you want an invite to Google Plus visit official Google Plus invitation request page and register your email id. There is no word from Google on when the invites will be distributed to public users. Hopefully Google should roll out invitations soon.

1 thought on “How To Get Google+ Invites?”

  1. Isn’t it strange that Google Apps customers (those paying for the Google service) are barred from Google+ ? It is impossible to enable the “Google Profile” feature in a Google Apps account (even if you are the administrator). Without that set up, no access!! Just had someone try to share something with me via the new service and I can’t access it! How well planned a launch is that? Thought Google would have learned from their recent attempts at social…

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