jQuery 1.5 To Embrace Microsoft’s Templates Plugin

jQuery, the awesome open source javascript framework, is all set to embrace Microsoft’s Templates plug-in in its upcoming release. Microsoft’s Scott Gu made an announcement about this today.

Along with Templates plug-in Microsoft developed Data Link and Globalization plug-ins for jQuery. All the three plug-in are now official jQuery plug-ins and the jQuery development team will take care of enhancing them from now onwards.

Scott Gu blog post say

Today, I am happy to make a joint announcement with the jQuery team that the jQuery project has accepted these three plugins (jQuery Templates, jQuery Data Link, and jQuery Globalization) as official jQuery plugins.

As official jQuery plugins, the plugins will be maintained as part of the jQuery project.  Starting today, you can download these plugins by visiting the jQuery website. The documentation for these plugins is also now integrated within the official jQuery documentation site.

The Templates plug-in, which is popular and very useful for developers, got a big hug from jQuery team and it will be part of the core jQuery 1.5 release. It means developers can use Template features in jQuery without referring to any addition plug-in scripts in their web applications.

For the past 3 years Microsoft is very actively contributing to the open source jQuery framework. Microsoft’s Visual Studio.NET by default includes jQuery framework when developers create a new ASP.NET Web Form or ASP.NET MVC project using Visual Studio 2010.

The partnership of proprietary Microsoft and open source jQuery is proving very useful for web developer.

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