How To Move/Copy Files Between Folders In Windows Live SkyDrive


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Windows Live SkyDrive: How To Move or Copy Files Between Folders

WIndows_Live_Sky_Drive A recent visitor of this blog asked us to explain how to move files between folders in Windows Live SkyDrive, the popular free online storage service from Microsoft. Moving or copying files between two folders of Windows Live SkyDrive is very easy.

Here are the steps to be followed

1. Login to your Windows Live SkyDrive and choose the file you want to Move or Copy


2. Click on the the option either Move or Copy depending on what on what operation you would like to do (I’m going to choose Move for illustrating screenshots in this article) . SkyDrive display all the folders available in your account

3. Select your destination folder by choosing one from the displayed list. SkyDrive shows you a confirmation screen.


4. Confirm file movement operation by choosing the option “Move this file into Documents”


5. Done. Your file is successfully moved to the target folder

16 thoughts on “How To Move/Copy Files Between Folders In Windows Live SkyDrive”

  1. I’ve bought the max plan for the skydrive, and moved just over 200GB to it but no space on my computer has been freed up. I actually have 5gb less space now on my harddrive than I did when I started, but the files don’t appear to be there on the computer. What’s going on? I need to free up space and thought the easiest thing to do would be to do this. But now I supposedly don’t have many files in my documents and photos folders but no space still.

  2. How can I copy a file from my personal Skydrive folder to a Group folder?
    Do I have to download each one to my PC and then upload each one to the Group folder or is there a quicker way?

  3. Can someone just help me – in non-IT speak – “how” to delete SkyDrive files in Windows Live?

    It’s difficult to believe that MSN has created a Windows Live page that shows you your files (docs,photos, etc.) yet does not provide a means by which to “delete.”


  4. If Sky Drive is the future of cloud computing, powerful OS-based systems will always be around. So far, Sky Drive is pretty poor. The move functions described in this tutorial do not work at all. In fact there isn’t even a copy or move option on the screen. And while I’m ranting, Why won’t an uploaded Excel document include the formulas? No matter what I do, it only includes the cell values. How useless is that?

    Oh, and let me mention, Mr Gates, Office 2007 and the ‘Ribbon’, a completely confusing, totally unnecessary, re-write of an interface I’ve been reasonably happy and competent with for fifteen years, SUCKS OUT LOUD! I hate it and there is no future for Microsoft Office software in my life… outside of work where I (painfully) have to use it!

  5. I can’t perform the “download, delete, move, copy, rename, embed” because I do not see the menu on my Skydrive screen, only the list of files. Click (select) the file, it opens the file….

  6. Jerry, when I use gladinet to move files, it gives me the message that “move operation is not supported”. It appears the best way to do batch move to SD folders is drag-drop copy to local drive with gladinet, delete from SD, then drag-drop copy from local drive back to right folder. Any better way??

  7. thanks….for this>>now i wanna know that how do i password protect a folder,i mean i want that any one who knows that password can see the contents of that particular folder.

  8. If you want to batch copy multiple files or folders into/out of SkyDrive or inside SkyDrive, consider gladinet. It is a 3rd party tool to mount SkyDrive into Windows Explorer. You can hold down ctrl-key and do a drag and drop to copy multiple. If you then delete the original, it becomes a move multiple.

    1. Jerry,
      Thank you very much for pointing us to Gladinet. Looks like it an amazing application that keeps us away from the hassles of using web interfaces to interact with Picasa, SkyDrive and Google Docs. I’ll install this app right now and explore it.

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