This entertaining music videos play list is a mash-up of YouTube Videos and Apple iTunes top 10 songs of the week. Thanks to Apple iTunes RSS feed and YouTube search API for allowing me to create this mashup in less than a day. Hope you all like it and enjoy the much.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does this service works?

It’s a very simple mashup created using the information exposed by Apple iTunes store and YouTube. We get the list of top 10 songs from iTunes, search for most relevant videos on YouTube and present them in a playlist.

2. Why Bollywood Music Videos are not there in the list?

Bollywood music videos are the most colorful and very popular music videos to watch. It’s in our list of high priority tasks to bring Bollywood music videos into this service. Along with Bollywood we are working to get Telugu and Tamil music videos.

3. I See only few countries charts. What about other countries?

We are working hard to bring as many music charts as possible and prepare the weekly top 10 music videos playlist. We will expand the list soon depending on the demand from our users. So let us know which country you would like to see in the list though comments section available at the bottom of the page.

4. I love this service and I would like to show my appreciation

You like this free service ah? We are very happy for that and consider a generous donation through paypal.

5. Few Music videos are not playing or just have music without any Video.

YouTube deletes the videos when the music labels complain about piracy of their videos. So if you find that some videos are not playing, YouTube might have removed them from their site. We are improving this mashup to be intelligent enough to display only the videos that are best viewable.

6. How long you took to develop this mashup?

I took around 24 hours time to create this mashup using PHP and jQuery.

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