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Guide To Setup A Mobile Friendly Version Web Site Of Your WordPress/Blogger/TypePad/Other Blog

Recently we announced the launch of mobile friendly version of our blog. The mobile edition of the blog is accessible at the URL and you can preview the iPhone friendly version here. Creating mobile friendly version of a blog is very simple with the help of service. When we say simple, we really […]

SEO Tips, Microsoft Referrals, WP iPhone App and Kung Fu Panda Wallpapers [Recap]

Time for recap of last week posts Search Engine Optimisation Tips For WordPress Bloggers Microsoft Launches Referrals When Google Referrals Are Retiring Download WordPress Application For iPhone What Happens Inside Hard Disk Drive While Reading/Writing?[Video] Download High Quality Kung Fu Panda Wallpapers [Free Stuff] Steve Ballmer Says “Let’s Take On Google and Apple. Forget Yahoo!” […]

Steve Ballmer Says Take On Google and Apple. Forget Yahoo

Microsoft's chief Steve Ballmer today sent a mail to all the employees outlining his strategy on how to rebuild the reputation that Microsoft has lost in the past couple of years. He shared his thoughts on Windows Vista, Enterprise Software, fight against Google & Apple and learning to mark a footprint in the search business […]

How To Fix – “Windows Live Writer requires the installation of the .NET Framework” Error

In an unavoidable circumstance, I had to rebuild Windows Vista OS today.  After rebuilding the OS I noticed the recent Technology Preview of Windows Live Writer is no more part of my Start Menu Programs list. I searched for installation folder of Live Writer CTP under program files, but no luck. Seems to be it […]

How To Capture Screen Shots of iPhone 3G

The new iPhone 3G  has a built in feature that allows you to grab screen shots without installing any third party applications.  To capture a screen shot hold down the home button and press the top button. The screen will flash indicating that a screen shot is captured and the resulting image is placed in […]

Flip Text, Free Windows 7 Wallpaper, Tech Dreams Mobile Edition, Automatically Switch Wallpapers [Recap]

A recap of last week's posts How To Flip Text Like si?? (This) Download Free Microsoft Windows 7 Wallpaper Tech Dreams Now On Mobile – Automate Your Desktop Wallpaper Switching With Latest Flickr Photos Microsoft oFone Prank What's On Yahoo Home Page? A Banner To Fight Against Carl Icahn and Microsoft How To Perform […]