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Microsoft oFone Prank

This is a hilarious prank by Microsoft, announcing oFone – the most unusable and senseless phone design. A must to watch video prank that is directed by professionals at Microsoft Studios.

When PC World Turns As iPhone 3G Torture Chamber

Everyone loves their iPhone and they keep it very safe. But do you know what happens to iPhone if you drop it from 5 feet? Or will an iPhone work if you put in to breakfast cereals or wash tub? To answer all such questions, one of the senior editors at PC World turned his […]

How To Perform Client Side Action After Completion Of AJAX Postback Operation[ASP.NET 2.0]

While developing an ASP.NET 2.0 web application that uses <asp:UpdatePanel> control, we were required to perform a client side action (using JavaScript) after completion of Ajaxed post back. We achieved it by attaching an event handler method to the event _endRequest of PageRequestManager object. After completion of every post back ASP.NET automatically notifies all the […]

Tech Dreams Now On Mobile –

  We happy to announce that Tech Dreams  readers can now read all the favourite articles using their mobiles. To read mobile version of Tech Dreams blog just point your mobile browser to the URL The image shown in the post is a preview of the blog on an iPhone. For non-iPhone mobile users […]

Download Free Microsoft Windows 7 Wallpaper

I spotted a beautiful Microsoft Windows 7 wallpaper on devianART web site. This is an unofficial wallpaper created by Frnak and it is available to download for free. The download zip file contains different resolution images. So you can can pick the right right wallpaper that suits your computer screen. For those who don’t know […]

Flickr Group Showcasing iPhone 2.0 Home Screens

Geeks at Lifehacker has created a flickr group to upload and share iPhone 2.0/iPod home screens. Anyone can upload and their iPhone 2.0 home screens to this group. I explored the pictures and found quite interesting to see the different type of applications installed on iPhones. AIM, Twitterific, Google App, Google Maps and Facebook are […]

How To Flip Text Like sıɥʇ (This)

Did you observer the upside-down word this in the title? That’s cool isn’t it? Generating flipped text like that is not a hard technique that you need to learn. It is very simple with the help of tiny service called Flip. Point your browse to and type any text in the first text input […]