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2 Popular Services To Shorten Lengthy URLs

URL shortening services provides short alias names to redirect lengthy URLs.  For instance the lengthy URL can be reduced to Pretty clean and easy to remember right? I regularly use URL shortening services when I need to SMS/Text an URL to someone. Also short URLs are easy to remember, write down or pass […]

How To Access Wikipedia Offline On Your PC and Mobiles

Pocket Wikipedia is an excellent freeware application that brings Wikipedia pages to your PC and Windows Mobiles for offline reading. The Pocket Wikipedia comes as a 175 MB zipped file(not even required to install!) that has hand picked pages of Wikipedia with 14 Million words and 24,000 images. The wide range of topics covered by […]

101 Photoshop Tips In 5 Minutes Entertaining Music Video

Deke McClelland, a Photoshop guru created this amazing video of 101 Photoshop tips. In this 5 minutes video, author sings about image-editing software techniques. Yes, he sings and dances too!! You can download the video (.mov file 52.3Mb) for offline viewing Via oreilly