In this dashboard, we will present at least three key metrics that compare marketplace performance and adoption between Magic Eden on Solana, OpenSea on Ethereum, and Random Earth on Terra since January. And also look at are there any signs of growth in a certain market or ecosystem for NFTs?In terms of sales volume, list the top 5 NFT collections for each marketplace during that timeframe. What is the turnover rate (number of transactions) for collections on Magic Eden compared to OpenSea and Random Earth?

We consider three metrics: Active Users, Sales Volume, and Sales Transactions. The average sale price across all platforms can also be viewed here.


  • According to the analysis, MagicEden’s user growth has increased since January 1,2022.
  • OpenSea shows greater sales volume and more transactions compared with MagicEden and RandomEarth.
  • As compared to Opensea, MagicEden has a higher growth rate for sales volume and sales transactions. 
  • When we look at the top 5 NFT collections on all platforms, Opensea has the highest percentages of sales volume, transactions, and also active users, followed by MagicEden. 
  • According to the Top 5 NFT Collections On All Platforms – % of sales transactions since January 1,2022: MagicEden contains 24%, Opensea has 69.2%, and RandomEarth has 6.8%. We can tell based on this data that the return on collections on MagicEden is not significantly higher than those on OpenSea and RandomEarth.

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