MalwareBytes – A powerful Free Anti Malware Software

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We live in the age of computers and many of us would be even to the extent of thinking that without internet, life would be so difficult. We often use our personal PCs for various entertaining purposes and eventually make our PC subject to virus imprints. Many of us would have faced a difficulty of protecting our computers and laptops from viruses in spite of having live anti-virus protection to our computer. So here I am going to talk about MalwareBytes – a free anti-malware software which helps us in protecting our PC in a very easy way.

MalwareBytes , popularly known as MBAM is a powerful Anti-malware software which scans the entire computer in less than 10 minutes and helps us in keeping our PC free from malware. MBAM is so powerful that it monitors every process and stops malicious processes before they even start.


MBAM helps us in scanning our PC in two ways

Quick Scan : This scan is so fast and it scans the computer for the most common types of malware and removes them.This scan takes less than 10 minutes to confirm our first level check against the PC screwers.

Full Scan<

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/strong> : This scan is the most through scan for a computer provided by MBAM and it analyses the entire hard disk provided by the user for scanning.

The scan would eventually produce a log which helps us in understanding the details about every virus that was encountered and removed. It also gives us the full details about those virus which are very malicious and online help could be obtained from the customer support team to remove those virus from our laptop.

You can download MalwareBytes from this below link and enjoy its services for free. Also Malware bytes is capable of providing real-time protection to our system for just 25$ and its one time free software.It means you just pay once and make this software completely yours forever.

MBAM is one software which completes the entire scan in few minutes irrespective of process running in your system. It also gives the list of viruses ,Trojans,worms, Rootkits, dialers, spyware, and malware that affected the system.This helps us in understanding the details of these infectors very easily.From my personal experience , I would greatly suggest you to use this software and enjoy its protection service.

Download MalwareBytes Here