Tech Dreams

Borrow or Buy Books Read By Mark Zuckerberg – A Year of Books

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has been reading very interesting book since the beginning of this year. With my recent interest in reading books, I started following the books he is reading. There are few websites that track the books read by Mark, but I found it is time consuming to figure availability of […]

How To Get Free AT&T GoPhone Starter Kit

Last week I got an excellent used iPhone 5 for $130 and I was in need of an AT&T GoPhone Starter Kit  to activate the iPhone. Without sim card we can’t activate an iPhone which means you can’t use the iPhone. After couple of hours of googling online finally I got free AT&T GoPhone Starter kit […]

Google salutes moms around the world with a doodle

Google never misses to show its doodle love for big occasions. To mark Mother’s Day celebration today, Google is showing a very special animation of several kinds of mothers(animal and human) protecting their cute little ones. If you haven’t seen the animation yet, check it out at Google doodler Olivia Huynh said Happy Mother’s Day […]

Calm – A perfect app to introduce yourself to meditation

I’m like many of those who want to learn and practice meditation but could not find time. Though many meditation courses are offered around the neighbourhood where I live, finding 2 to 3 hours time required(get ready, drive, meditate & return home) to attend those classes is always hard. Other priorities like taking care of weekend chores at […]

Solving Kaggle’s Bike Sharing Demand Machine Learning Problem hosts a lot of interesting machine learning problems online and thousands of its members compete to solve them for a bounty. Problems hosted on Kaggle has varying complexity to accomodate newbies to rock star developers – few problems are good enough for  newbies to learn basics of machine learning and few of them challenge […]