Facebook: Hide Status Updates From Games Played By Your Friends

I'm in to Facebook these days and slowly abandoning my Orkut network. Reasons for moving to Facebook are – majority of my friends are now moved to Facebook and the awesome interface of Facebook is making it very easy to be in touch with my network.


One of the annoyances I noticed in my Facebook account is the status message updates posted by the games played by my friends, especially from the viral games like FarmVille and MafiaWars. Couple of my friends are playing these viral games and most my status updates page is occupied by statistics of this game.

Initially I thought of hiding status updates from my friends who are playing these games, but I'll miss their other status updates. Which I really don't want to. Luckily Facebook provides a simple option that allows us to turn of updates from a specific game/application.

To turn off updates from a specific game like FarmVille, click on the hide option displayed on the right side top corner of the status update and choose HideFarmVille(as shown in the picture below). From now onwards none of the status updates from these games will be displayed on your home page.


Hope this tip helps you.

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