Item missing/damaged from Amazon order? Steps to quickly contact support to get a replacement

I ordered few items from last week and when the package is delivered I found an item is missing. I reached out to Amazon Customer care and they resolved the issue by resending the missing item. Amazon’s customer care is awesome!

They just asked me a few questions regarding the order, the person who accepted the delivery, and without any further delay, they resolved my issue. The best part is Amazon customer care support is available through email, chat & telephone. I reached out to customer support through a chat session but if you prefer you can reach them through phone or an email.

If you also missed an item or found a damaged item then here are the steps to be followed to get a replacement item

Step 1  – Go to and choose the option “Your Orders”

Step 2 – It shows a web page similar to the one shown below. Click on the “Start chatting now” button.

It opens a popup similar to the one shown below. If you don’t see the popup, check your browser settings and make popups are allowed. Here are instructions to enable popups on popular browsers.

Step 3: Choose the option “An item I ordered“.

It displays a list of all your recent orders. Go through the list and choose the order which has problems.

Step 4 –  Now select “I need more help” and then send the message “Connect me with a human please” using the chat window.

Step 5 – Now select the option “OK, get help through chat” to speak to a customer care representative.

Rest assured. They will resolve your issue quickly.

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