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Item missing/damaged from Amazon order? Steps to quickly contact support to get replacements

I ordered few items from last week and when the package is delivered I found an item is missing. I reached out to Amazon Customer care and they resolved the issue by resending the missing item. Amazon’s customer care is awesome!

They just asked me few questions regarding the order, person who accepted the delivery and without any further delay they provided details on when I’ll get the replacement item. Best part is Amazon customer care support is available through email, chat & telephone. I chose support through a chat session and resolved the issue. If you also missed an item or found a damaged item then here are the steps to be followed to get a replacement item

Step 1 –  Go to

Step 2 –  Click on Contact Us button available in General Support section, you may have to provide authentication details


Step 3 – Contact Us screen displays your recent order. If your query is related to the displayed order then proceed go to next step otherwise select your order by clicking on Choose Different Order button

Step 4 – Select the missing/damaged items from the list of items displayed from your order


Step 5 – Choose the issue with your order. In case if an item is missing you may want to choose “Problem with an order”, “Missing item or parts” and “Entire item missing from shipment”. You may want to choose the options that are close to the issue you are facing with your order

choose_an issue

Step 6 – Choose how you want to support. You can choose either “E-Mail”, “Phone” or “Chat”. Based on the selected Support mode, proceed and communicate to them about the issue.  Rest assured. They will resolve your issue quickly.


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