Tech Dreams

Hurray! I Earned My First AdSense Cheque

It’s a great pleasure for me to share with you that I hit my first AdSense 100$ today around 5 pm (IST). There are no words to express my feeling when I saw that I have hit 100$ and it took some time for me to realize that it’s not a dream :-). But it’s a dream come true moment.


Though I have heard a lot about blogging and AdSense long back, I was not so serious about that. But later, I got interest in writing and started blogging during the month December and to be more specific on December 19th 2008. That’s when I posted my first article. From then on, I started posting articles and now after three months and 6 days exactly, I have hit my first 100 $. I have written about 22 articles covering technology, space, gadgets, software application, and health tips.

In these three months, the amount of information I have read and the knowledge that I gained is enormous. Blogging not only helped me to improve my knowledge but also earn money.

Many thanks to all the readers who appreciated as well as criticized my writing. You have been my highest motivation throughout.