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Introducing Tech Dreams Music – Watch Top 10 Music Videos From US, UK, Australia and Other Countries

We are happy to announce one more free service on Tech Dreams to entertain you – “Tech Dreams Music“.  This service allows you to watch Weekly Top 10 Music videos from popular charts of USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand and Sweden.


From now onwards you don't need to Google the web first to find out the weekly top 10 songs and  then to search YouTube for the videos. T

ech Dreams Music service  does all these for you automatically.

For more details about the service, please read the FAQs and you are always welcome to let us know your feedback.

Here is the complete list of free services offered by Tech Dreams

  • Trace Mobile  — Let you trace service provider and location information of any Indian Mobile phone
  • Trace IP – Enter an IP address and we show you the location of the IP address on Google Maps
  • Page Rank – Check your Website or blog page rank
  • Music – Watch music videos of top 10 charts from US, UK, Australia and other countries

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