AVG Antivirus Releases Version 9 With Improved Performance And New Identity Theft Protection

One of the most reliable free antivirus software for Windows is AVG Antivirus. AVG Technologies released a new version, version 9, with loads of performance improvements and new features like Identity Theft protection.


AVG Technologies claims that the new version is "up to 50 percent" faster scan times and "10 to 15 percent" faster boot times when compared to it’s predecessors. Also improvements in the efficiency of the application is expected to reduce the memory usage by “10 to 15 percentage”.

A new feature called Identity Theft Recovery Unit is added AVG antivirus, but only for users in the United States. This new feature of AVG is powered by a service called Identity Guard to safe guard users against online identity thefts.

With this new release AVG just got better and it might steal the recent attention received by  Microsoft’s free antivirus software. With the healthy competition between the free antivirus software providers customers are going to benefit a lot.

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