Apple Preparing For A Big Weekend Launch. NFC At Apple Stores?

There is a lot of buzz on tech blogs about Apple gearing up for a big weekend launch to celebrate 10th retail stores anniversary. According to BGR the build up at the Apple Stores include

  • 10 -15 individuals are planned to work overnight from Saturday to mid Sunday
  • All the employees should lock the cell phones in the main office and they have to sign a NDA with Apple
  • Apple stores received new hardware to install as well as giga bytes of password protected training material. These hardware and software are kept safe and no one has access to it.
  • Apple stores will put up black curtains in all the stores so that outsides will not know what is going on during the overtime shift.


Man!! This is a crazy stuff. Apple treat their product launches as a high secret military operation. And these high secret product launches creates loads of rumours about the future Apple products and thus Apple gets free publicity. Kudos to Apple for enjoying the free publicity and also building up anxiety among it’s customers on new products.

Coming to the rumours about the weekend launch, BGR says that it’s going to be installation of NFC payment systems at all the Apple Stores.  If at all these rumours are true, then installation of NFC payment system will pave way for NFC support in iPhone 5.

Apple has the history of making sure that new technology it introduces to the world can be first experienced at their stores. With the growing number of Stores across the globe it should be easy to introduce new technologies and familiarize their customers with demos.

CC Image credit: modrak/flickr

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