How To Jailbreak iPad On Windows & Mac OS X

iPad As the iPad are selling like hot cakes at Apple Stores(where are the critics who said iPad sucks!), many of the iPad owners are looking for the ways to jailbreak it.

Thanks to Spirit application that makes jailbreaking of an iPad as simple as a kids play. In this post we will guide you the steps required for giving freedom to your iPad on your Windows PC or Mac.

1. Backup Your iPad SHSH – Backup SHSH of your iPad. This is required for restoring your iPad if something goes wrong while jailbreaking. Here is a nice article on how to perform the backup on Windows as well as on Mac OSX.

2. Install iTunes – Most likely that you have the latest version of iTunes. If not, install it from here

3. Activate Your iPad – If you iPad is already then you are all set to start the jail breaking. If not activate your iPad.

4.  Download Jailbreaking tool Spirit – The Spirit tool that can jailbreak the latest version of iPads and iPhones is available for Mac OSX and Windows XP/Vista/7. You can download it from Spirit website

5. Connect your iPad to your computer

6. Launch Spirit Jailbreak and click on Jailbreak button. Wait till you see “Jailbreak Complete!” message on your screen.

7. Voila! Your iPad is jailbroken and Cydia should be there in the list of applications.


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