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Apple Has Closed The “Hole’ In Free Registration For iTunes Account Without Credit Card


Some time back I have posted the free iTunes account trick using the free app.Recently, I have received lots of comments saying the method does not work anymore. So, I have tried the steps again and found that Apple has closed the ‘hole’ recently.Right now there is no method to create iTunes account without credit card. Let’s hope we will get a new method to “crack” it.

Upadate: You can create Free iTunes account without credit card by following this guide



  1. Yura Železnik

    Hello to you
    I would like to join to itunes-for free.
    With my music and my video clips.
    Please help me with that.

  2. luis

    It works!! you just have to write de address and continue, next window will appear the clickable area to none!! (escuse my english)

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