Evidence Of Next Generation iPhone Coming Soon Found In Firmware

The holy rumors of next generation Apple iPhone started again. This time seems to be the rumors are not baseless. MacRumors has found a convincible evidence of next generation Apple iPhone with a major hardware revision in the works.

next_generation_iphone_firmware The latest firmware update of iPhone has the meta data <key> referring to product code of "iPhone2,1".  Apple uses these product codes to represent different hardware models. The first version of iPhone carried “iPhone 1,1” while the 3G iPhone has “iPhone 1,2”. Apple changes the second part of the label for new releases if there are simple changes like change in the look and feel, storage improvements, etc. The first part of the label is changed only if there is a major upgrade in the hardware and the functionality.

So what will be the next generation iPhone? No one has a clue but nevertheless there are couple of rumors. It could be either an iPhone Nano(similar to iPod Nano??) or a super power iPhone with multi-core CPUs and multi-core GPUs.

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