iPhone 4 FaceTime On 3G Using My3G App

This is what many of us are waiting for! It’s now possible to make a FaceTime call on your iPhone 4 over a 3G network with the help of My3G app. Apple restricts iPhone 4 to make FaceTime calls only on a WiFi network, but when the  My3G app is installed, FaceTime calls are permitted on 3G network. No hard guesses, My3G app is not available on App store and you need to JAILBREAK your iPhone 4 to install My3G.


My3G spoof the applications that check for WiFi connection, by signalling that iPhone 4 is connected to WiFi network even though its on just 3G. Once this app is installed, along with making FaceTime calls on a 3G network, you can watch HiDef YouTube videos, use Skype/Fring/Other VOIP apps over the 3G network. Isn’t this cool?  I personally feel, this single app alone makes it worth jailbreaking iPhone 4.

My3G for iPhone 4 is available on RockApp fo USD $3.99 and is worth every penny you pay.

Download My3G from RockApp

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