iOS gets God of Digital music – Napster

Once, the pirate of silicon valley Napster has now arrived to iOS. This means iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad devices can download and use Napster. 

Napster see’s itself as a new Avatar after its original peer-peer music sharing software which rocked the world.

Its arrival to iOS significantly gives an alternate to the ways we download and listen to music in iDevices. iPod is one most widely used mp3 music player, Sure that there will be many takers for Napster. Details of subscription….

Napster for $10 a month subscription enables users to stream music to their devices. Also, users can cache music to their devices from 10 million songs that are available from the Napster’s library [that’s huge].

Cache meaning users can have a copy of the song in their player when then are not connected to the Internet, that’s cool !

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