iPhone 4S Costs 50k In India. Heck! Rather I Buy Tata Nano Car For Twice The Money

iPhone 4S costs 50,000 in IndiaAre you waiting to buy iPhone 4S in India? Stop waiting and start looking for alternatives as its going to be released in India with mind blowing price tags. A 16 GB iPhone 4S costs Rs. 44,500 + tax, 32 GB at 50,900 and the 64 GB..wait! Are you really interested to know the price? I’m not at all. Its ridiculous to spend 50,000 for a mobile phone in India. I hope majority of Indians agree with me.

The Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car, costs close to the double the price of iPhone 4S. Instead of buying an iPhone 4S for around 50K, it’s a wiser decision to buy a Tata Nano.

Will the super rich of India afford to pay around 50,000 to own an iPhone 4S? I think they love to own it to show off their status but I guess they prefer to get it from US through their friends and relatives. In USA an unlocked iPhone 4S available through Apple Online Store costs just 33,500(~ 650 USD IN INR) and that is a straight away Rs. 11,000 discount. Why would the rich burn money?

Airtel and Aircel has announced that the iPhone 4S is going to be available in their networks from November 25 onwards and both the operators started accepting the pre-orders. If you are really willing to burn your cash go ahead and book an iPhone 4S.

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