PhoneGap – A New Platform For Mobile Application Developers

Its a great boon for those who are crazy about mobile app development and a tremendous oppurtunity for all the mobile app developers to explore more in mobile application world.PhoneGap is a new development tool available for all mobile application developers. Nitobi inc, a Canadian based company, has started developing PhoneGap, a free open source framework with

Andre Charland, CEO of Nitobi inc., said that PhoneGap is a development framework that allows the HTML and JavaScript developers to build their own mobile phone apps that can override the original features of the iPhone, Android and Black Berry. The software runs on iPhone, Blackberry and Android and going further its expected to run on all the other platforms too.

Rob Ellis, One of the co-creator of PhoneGap said that the vision of this software is to write one code base and make it work in all the three devices namely iPhone, Blackberry and Android which are the basic devices that the company is targeting to make this software to work with. He also added that the idea of creating this software came when they attended an iPhoneDevCamp event in San Francisco.

Some of the features that are supported currently in PhoneGap are Geo location, Vibration,Accelerometer,Sound ,Contact and the team is planning to bring lot more in the software

The CEO of the company has published a small video which really explains what PhoneGap is and why it all is required. The video is available here as well. We can get to know more about the software and the other services provided by the company here.

I would say the software is really going to create a revolution in the mobile app world as its going to become very easy for even a layman to create his own application with the help of this PhoneGap. You can download the source code here

CC Image Credit : Florin Hatmanu

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