Easily Install Android On iPhone In Six Steps For Dual Booting

Six easy steps to install Android OS on your iPhone

Are you bored with iOS on your iPhone? Want to play with Android OS now and then on your iPhone? Then why don’t you install Android OS on your iPhone, side by side with iOS and dual boot it.

Life Hacker blog has posted a six step guide + video  that explains installation of Android OS on an iPhone. The installation procedure is  not complex, all we need to do is to jailbreak iOS and run couple of applications to have Android up and running. Here is the overview of steps to be followed

  1. Jailbreak Your iPhone
  2. Install Bootlace in Cydia
  3. Run Bootlace and Patch the Kernel
  4. Install OpeniBoot
  5. Install iDroid
  6. Reboot and Play Around with Android

And this video guide demonstrates the above 6 six steps as well as there is a demo of Android running on iPhone.

For a detailed instructions read Life Hackers guide

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