Simple Hack To Install iOS 5 Beta On iPhone/iPad Without Developer Account

iOS-5Apple released iOS 5 beta couple of days ago with loads of new features(watch the keynote video) . This beta version of iOS is available to iPhone developers who pay Apple $99 per annum.

What if you are not a developer or not willing to pay $99 for a developer account but desperately looking for ways to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 5? Here is a simple hack to install iOS 5 beta without having a developer account.


1. Download iOS 5 installer with the help of Google or Torrent sites

2. Manually update your iPhone with the help of iTunes. Connect your phone to computer -click on Update button with Shift (PC) or Option (Mac) key pressed — Select the downloaded iOS 5 IPSW file and let the iTunes update your iPhone.

3. After update completes you see Activation screen.

4. Triple click the home button. This will activate the Voice Over. Again triple click the home button and Emergency Call option will appear.

5. Click the Emergency Call option and while it’s opening, swipe your three fingers down to open Notification Center

6. Click on the Weather widget. The Weather application will load.

7. Click on the home button. Bam!! Your iPhone is loaded with iOS 5.

Note: Upgrade iPhone to iOS 5 at your own risk. You can’t blame us if something goes wrong. I know that you are aware of the side effects in using the hacks, but just reminding you once again :). via Gizmodo

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