Wirelessly Sync Photos From iPhone To Computer Using CameraSync

camerasync_wirelessly_upload_photos_to_computerHow do you upload photos captured on your iOS device to your computer? By connecting the device using a cable and then syncing up with an app?? Ah..is’nt it a boring way.

Here comes CameraSync – an app that lets you wirelessly send your iOS device photos to DropBox, so that you can access on your computer irrespective of the platform (Windows, Mac, Linux). By the way, this app works in the background and syncs the  files without disturbing  you.

You don’t like DropBox? CameraSync works with a variety  of cloud services : Flickr, Amazon S3, iDisk, FTP and Box.net.

If you looking for a step by step guide on how to setup CameraSync for DropBox then check this post.

CameraSync cost $1.99 and runs on iOS4.0+ devices.

CameraSync [iTunes App via Lifehacker]

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