How To Capture Screen Shots of iPhone 3G

capturing screen shots of iPhone 3G The new iPhone 3G  has a built in feature that allows you to grab screen shots without installing any third party applications. 

To capture a screen shot hold down the home button and press the top button. The screen will flash indicating that a screen shot is captured and the resulting image is placed in your photos folder.

This is a very useful feature for bloggers as they had to use digital cameras to capture screen shots.

The built in screen capturing capability is available in only iPhone 3G models. If you are having a old iPhone and willing to upgrade it iPhone 3G read the section “Upgrade your old iPhone to firmware version 2.0” in the post 5 Steps to Upgrade From a Hacked iPhone to an iPhone 3G by Matt Cutts.

5 thoughts on “How To Capture Screen Shots of iPhone 3G”

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  2. Very cool stuff. I did not think that I would need this until I had to send her a golf screen capture for an App.
    Thanks to Pratish at GolfAirvue for sending me this page…

  3. Very nice feature. Thanks for the info. I was wondering if I would need an app or if it was bulit-in.

  4. the original iPhone has this feature as well as far back as 1.1.4. hold home and toggle the ringer switch back and fourth

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