Live Writer Failing To Detect Blog Theme? Try Disabling Cache Plugins

windows-live-writer-logoWe love Windows Live Writer more than anything else to post articles on Tech Dreams. Over 95% of the articles written on Tech Dreams are with the help of Windows Live Writer.

On one of my new PCs today I reinstalled Windows Live Writer and the Live Writer failed to detect the blog theme. Without having theme support It’s very hard to properly format blog post. To resolve the problem I tried various ways like re-installing, upgrading as well as clearing the local settings folder of Live Writer. But no luck.

After 30 minutes of diagnosing the problem, I figured out that Cache plug-ins(WP Super Cache, WP Total Cache, etc) were responsible for Windows Live Writer theme detection failure. I temporarily disabled the cache plug-in and refreshed Live Writer theme. The problem is solved.

If you ever come across Live Writer theme detection problem, try to disable the cache plug-ins temporarily and refresh theme.

Hope this tip helps you.

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