Microsoft Releases Open Source Blog Engine “Oxite”. Will It Compete With WordPress? NO!

oxite.png Here is a good news for Microsoft fans and especially to my one of my friends X (I don’t want to reveal his name) who always wanted to have his Microsoft technologies powered blog engine.

Oxite  is a new open source blog engine and content management system(CMS) from Microsoft that can be used for any thing from hosting a small blog to a corporate web site.

Oxite is highly extensible and standards complaint blog engine with all the features required for powering a blog/CMS – pingbacks, trackbacks, anonymous or authenticated comments, comments moderation, RSS feeds, Web administration panel and XML RPC APIs (required for supporting blogging tools like Windows Live Writer).

Will Oxite Compete With WordPress?

I don’t think that Oxite will aim to compete with WordPress. WordPress is the best blogging software available today and it has one of the biggest developer’s community. WordPress is PHP based software and we can deploy it on cheap Linux & MySQL hosting compared to the expensive Windows hosting required for Oxite. So there is no way that Microsoft Oxite will try to compete with WordPress.

Who Is Going to Use Oxite?

Oxite seems to be aimed at corporates who want to develop their web sites and content management systems in ASP.NET technologies. Using Oxite as the base for developing a ASP.NET based CMS will drastically reduce the development time and save lots of money.

Is Anyone Using Oxite To Run Their Website?

Well this is a good question and the answer is Yes. Microsoft’s MIX Online is powered by Oxite.

For Web Developers

Oxite is written using the the latest Microsoft web framework, ASP.NET MVC. If you are an ASP.NET web developer then you can refer to the source code of Oxite for understanding the best practices and coding techniques of ASP.NET MVC.

Download Oxite

You can download Oxite from Codeplex

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