New Features Of WordPress 3.3 You Must Know

After months of beta testing, WordPress 3.3 version is going to be released at the end of this month. There are several new features packed in the new version and few of them are going to excite WordPress admins. In this post we are going to discuss about the exciting new features.

1. Drag and Drop Media Uploads

One of the biggest improvements in this version of WordPress is it’s all new media uploader. Now you can upload multiple files by just dragging & dropping, instantly resize  the images and filter files by their type. The media upload sports a brand new look

WordPress adopted the Pupload plugin to power its media uploader component and it’s written by the same team who created the popular TinyMCE editor plugin.

2. Improved Admin Bar(Toolbar)

The admin bar or newly called toolbar has got handful of makeovers. The not so much used items like Search box and other elements are removed to make sure that the bar is not clumsy. The user menu and the related options are moved to the right like how we see in Google’s user bar. Also there are few changes to the colour of the bar to make it more eye friendly.

3. Fly out Admin Menus

All the left side bar menus of WordPress admin are now sports a fly out menu style to save a click. In the previous versions if you want to access a sub menu on the left side bar, you need to first click on the category and then choose the menu item from the expanded list. Now on just mouse over you will see a flyout of menu items.

4. Adaptive Admin – Layout Auto Adjust To Fit Various Devices

If you own an iPad or any other so called tablets then you are going to love this feature. The admin site of WordPress has got a lot more friendly with tablets and smartphones. WordPress now auto adjusts layout to fit the device through which you are accessing the admin site.  Accessing admin dashboard on your tablets is going to be more fun.

5. Other Features

Now that we have read the most useful 4 features here is a small list of other features that may interest you

  • Nice Tooltips are displayed where ever possible to help the newbies to understand the usage of admin site
  • Responsive Layouts
  • jQuery 1.7 and jQuery UI 1.8.16 are the power horses of WordPress
  • Performance improvements

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