Why I replaced Facebook Comments with Disqus on Tech Dreams

facebook_privacyA month ago when Tech Dreams was using default WordPress commenting system, spam comments went totally uncontrollable all of sudden. Akismet, the spam protection system for WordPress comments, was unable to filter spam effectively and that resulted flooding in moderation queue. I had to spend hours cleaning up the spam and carefully approving valid comments.

As I started looking for alternate comments system, Facebook comments looked best choice to me. Millions of users are on Facebook and each and every one of my friends, family members, colleagues is part of those millions. So I thought it would not be a problem to anyone visiting the blog to comment using their Facebook account. I disabled WordPress comment system and replaced it with Facebook Comments plugin.

1 month trail run of Facebook Comments – 0 spam and 0 comments!

With Facebook Comments plugin I was able to successfully keep the comment spammer at bay. But to my surprise after running Facebook Comments for a month, I was struck with a bigger problem. Facebook Comments plugin discouraged blog visitors from posting comments. In the one month trail run, not even a single visitor commented on Tech Dreams! With discussions and feedback, it proved very expensive on statistics and revenues part of the blog.

Facebook Comments – Privacy is real concern to commenters

Up on enquiring frequent visitors and blogosphere friends I understood that privacy was the main concerns for commenters to use Facebook Comments. Most of the commenters are not ready to use their real identity to post comments and they prefer to be anonymous or at least they don’t want to use their Facebook profile.

Disqus to the rescue

With the bitter experience of Facebook Comments plugin and having tough time with managing spam comments of default WordPress comments plugin it’s time look for next alternate comment plugin.

On Coziie.com I’ve been using Disqus comments plugin for the past 3 months and its doing exceptionally well. Unlike Facebook, Disqus provides multiple options for visitors to comment. They can use anonymous profile, Facebook profile, Twitter profile and various other options to comment and maintain privacy.

I replaced Facebook Comments plugin with Disqus plugin and within hours visitors started commenting. Happy to see conversations and feedback back on the blog.

Photo (cc) Josh Hallett.

7 thoughts on “Why I replaced Facebook Comments with Disqus on Tech Dreams”

  1. Being using facebook comments for six months on my website, before that I had a steady comment rangin from 3 to 10 comments a week, after installing facebook, comments started decreasing, right now it’s more like 3 comments every two weeks. WordPress comments are not an option and Jetpack wordpress comments is a nice add on but still lacks editor and delete own comments, so, thanks to your article, i’m gonna try disqus way.

  2. I think the problem with facebook comments is that the majority of people don’t like to share everything they do outside of facebook, on facebook! Disqus is a much more appropriate commenting system to use in my opinion.

  3. This is really a valuable analysis done by you. I have been thinking of FB comments; but due to the same reasons you mentioned, I have been looking for options.

    I don’t prefer to use my FB id for comments. The same case with many users. 

    I am unaware of DISQUS. Let me give it a try…

    Thanks for the share.

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