WordPress 2.9 Released With Built In Image Editor, Undo Deletes And Many More Features

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The most popular self hosted blogging platform, WordPress, has rolled out an upgrade, version 2.9, to all the users. This new version has few cool features to the end users and  many awesome features for the plugin and theme developers.

Here are the few cool features for end users

Built In Image Editor now allows you to crop, edit, rotate, flip, and scale your images right inside the WordPress. These are just the tip of many new media handling capabilities that are going to come in the future versions.


Global undo – deleted a post or comment by mistake? Now you can recover it from the Trash feature. What ever we delete(now it's called move to Trash) are kept in the Trash for 30 days and then permanently deleted. GMail style :)


Batch plugin update  allows you to update all your outdated plug-ins at one shot. Less

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work to admins.


Magic Video Embeds –Just paste the URL of the video and it will be embedded magically into the post.

Check this videos for the demonstration of new features


If you are a WordPress developer or a theme designer then you got loads of new features in this release. For a detailed list of these features read WordPress guru Aaron Brazell's 10 Things You Need to Know About WordPress 2.9.

Upgrading To WordPress 2.9

The new features of WordPress 2.9 is really tempting me to upgrade techdreams. But before I upgrade I want to make sure that existing theme and supporting plugins are compatible with the new version. So upgraded goodtimes(which uses techdreams theme and plugins) to make sure that everything is going to be smooth. As WordPress promises, the upgrade to 2.9 was very smooth. Tomorrow I'm going to upgrade techdreams to 2.9. What about you? When will you upgrade.

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  1. I have already upgraded. I see no major issues. The Latest news from Yoast section in admin panel had a php error.

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