What’s Going On Akismet! Why Are You Not Catching Spam?

If I remember correctly Akismet is the first WordPress I installed on this blog. It’s a perfect spam comments catcher and I enjoyed it’s goodness all these days. But all of sudden things has changed for the past 3 days as spammers are able to bypass Akismet spam protection.

Right now my blog is being bombarded with the spam comments and I’m spending most of time in cleaning up this mess.


Initially I thought this is happening to my blog alone but after doing a little research, I understood that many facing the same problem. Here are the few twitter users who are complaining the same problem

@robertnyman :Akismet, dammit! What’s wrong with you? START CATCHING SPAM AGAIN! PLEASE!

@trueup: Akismet is letting me down lately. What up, spam catcher?

@locustfist: anybody else having a lot of spam get through akismet lately?

@justicegray: Anyone know why @akismet doesn’t seem to be protecting me from spam anymore?

Hey Akismet developers, please look at this issue and sort it out as soon as possible.

image credit: flickr

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