Download Firefox 3.6.4 Build 4 (Beta)

Firefox_364Firefox has released its latest version 3.6.4 as beta. User who has already installed Firefox 3.6.4  can use the update check option in the browser will recognize to download it automatically,so that the browser can be updated.

You can also download the latest beta version from the direct link (Firefox 3..6.4) of Mozilla website with the option to select the language and operating system version.

As the per the release note from Mozilla this build works on the out of process plug-in module for Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime or Microsoft Silver light plug-in, so that If a plug-in crashes or freezes, it will not affect the rest of Firefox. You will be able to reload the page to restart the plug-in and try again.

The release note also states that many of the security issues and and total of 194 issues from the BugZilla list is fixed.

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