Get “Paste and Go” & “Paste and Search” Features In Firefox [add-on]

The Paste and Go feature of Google Chrome and Opera browsers lets you save an extra click when we copy and paste an URL in address bar  – it allows you to paste an URL and load it immediately without having to click anything.

Even though this feature is missing in Firefox, you can get it by installing Paste and Go add-on for Firefox. Once the add-on is installed, you get the right click menu option “Paste and Go” on address bar which works similar to Chrome/Safari browser.

This add-on also enables “Paste and Search” right click menu option on search bar, which lets you paste and search immediately without having to click anything.


Note: This add-on has not been reviewed by Mozilla. You may encounter bugs and issues while using this add-on. I’ve not come across any problems while testing the add-on.

Paste and Go add-on for Firefox

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