Firefox 3.5 Available To Download Now – 5 Reasons Why You Should Install It

firefox_3_5_download Mozilla officially released the final version of Firefox 3.5 and it is available to download from here(approx 7.7 MB). Without any second thought, just grab your copy and install it.

Few users are reporting update notices, but I’ve not received any notice when Firefox is launched. I forced the upgrade by downloading the new version and installed it. Firefox 3.5 is awesome and more powerful than ever. Here is a quick walkthrough of new features and also the reasons why you should upgrade

What is new in Firefox 3.5?

1. Private Browsing: The new browse has Private Mode browsing feature. Firefox is quite late in introducing the private mode future that allows to use the browse the web without leaving any traces of the session.

2. Tab Tearing: The skinny Google Chrome introduced this awesome feature that allows dragging a tab out to create a new browser window. Now Firefox also has this nice feature.

3. Forget this Site: This feature allows you to erase history of a specific website. This comes handy when you want to clear browsing history of a single website and retain the rest.

4. Recover Selected Page of a Crashed Session: The crash recovery of Firefox is smarter now. It allows you to choose the pages that you want to recover after a crash. 

5. Faster JavaScript Engine: Firefox 3.5 has got a brand new JavaScript engine called TraceMonkey. Mozilla says its 20 to 40 times faster than the Firefox 3.0 JavaScript engine. We have to wait for independent performance assessments to know the actually performance boost in Firefox 3.5. Nevertheless, JavaScript will run more faster in the new version.

6. New Icon: Firefox 3.5 has a new icon that is slightly different from the previous version. You can have a look at the new logo here and also download high quality image.

Want to know more about all the things changed in Firefox 3.5? Then read the release notes

Download Firefox 3.5

Click here to download

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