Google Releases Third Beta Of Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Logo Google released a new version of Chrome web browser which addresses a number of issues and performance improvements.

If you are an existing user, you can install the updated version with the help of “About Google Chrome”  option of Google Chrome browser. New users can download the online installer from Google Chrome home page or offline/standalone installer from here.

Details of the issues fixed and the performance improvements are available here and here.

6 thoughts on “Google Releases Third Beta Of Chrome Browser”

  1. Vijay,
    It is true that there is lot of work left out in Chrome development. The only reason why I use Chrome is because of its address bar. In few key strokes we can identify the site that contains required information. Address Bar is Chrome is nothing but Google Search Engine…

  2. Rizzy,
    I use Chrome when I blog and surf the net at leisure. While working I use Firefox and IE. As I’m a Microsoft .NET developer, I cant go away from IE :)

  3. i work on windows 2003 server environment. Many web pages that handles volumes of data is not fitting Chrome’s bill..Room for improvement is quite a lot.!!!

    IE 8 is good on that side (handling flash pages + webpages with data volumes)

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