How To Disable All Chrome Extensions With A Single Click

Disable_all_extensions_plusAll the useful extensions that we install in web browsers may trouble us at times. Certain websites may refuse to behave properly if we have ad blocking plugins installed or some other plugins with which they are not friendly. When a website refuses to work due to extensions, then we may have to disable the extensions. As it’s quite common to have half a dozen plus extensions installed on modern browser like Chrome, it’s a tedious process to disable all the extensions one by one.

Disable All Extensions Plus is a very helpful Google Chrome extension (again extensions!!) that lets us disable all the installed extensions with a single click. Here is a screen grab of Disable All Extensions in action with options to disable all the chrome extensions with a single click.


Once you are done with the tasks, you can enable all the extensions at one go using the same extension. Hope this extension saves you some time.

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