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How To Uninstall Internet Explorer 8 Beta

Internet_Explorer_LogoI’ve been using Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 for the past few days and the experience of IE 8 is very good compared to IE7. But I it found it very difficult to do some serious work like web application development and CSS design on IE 8( IE 8 is in beta state, I’m not blaming IE 8 for the problems). So I decided to rollback to the more stable version of Internet Explorer 7 by uninstalling IE 8.

I opened Programs and Features from Control Panel and searched for Internet Explorer 8 entry in the list but it was not there. There is no option in Programs and Features(Add/Remove Programs) to uninstall IE 8. Searching through the Microsoft documentation revealed  that the IE 8 is installed as a Windows Update rather than an application. So we need to uninstall IE 8 from Windows Updates list. Here are the steps to be followed for uninstalling IE 8 beta

  1. Open Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs) from Control Panel
  2. Click on View Installed Updates link available in the left side Tasks section
  3. Scroll down the list to identify the entry Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta x and choose the option uninstall available in the context menu(right click on the entry for context menu)