How To Uninstall Internet Explorer 8 Beta

Internet_Explorer_LogoI’ve been using Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 for the past few days and the experience of IE 8 is very good compared to IE7. But I it found it very difficult to do some serious work like web application development and CSS design on IE 8( IE 8 is in beta state, I’m not blaming IE 8 for the problems). So I decided to rollback to the more stable version of Internet Explorer 7 by uninstalling IE 8.

I opened Programs and Features from Control Panel and searched for Internet Explorer 8 entry in the list but it was not there. There is no option in Programs and Features(Add/Remove Programs) to uninstall IE 8. Searching through the Microsoft documentation revealed  that the IE 8 is installed as a Windows Update rather than an application. So we need to uninstall IE 8 from Windows Updates list. Here are the steps to be followed for uninstalling IE 8 beta

  1. Open Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs) from Control Panel
  2. Click on View Installed Updates link available in the left side Tasks section
  3. Scroll down the list to identify the entry Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta x and choose the option uninstall available in the context menu(right click on the entry for context menu)


14 thoughts on “How To Uninstall Internet Explorer 8 Beta”

  1. I have now put a bootable CD in called UBCD for Win and removed the elements manually and then downloaded a full version of IE 8 and installed and it works.

    Thank for the answer but this but ist was tried every which way including yours and just would not work.

  2. Hi Ian,

    Would like to inform you that the installaltion of IE-8 BETA on your computer is corrupted that is why its not getting removed.

    from your description of the problem,

    It is clear that the uninstaltaion wizard for the update is trying to search for te fiels on a location which does not contain that file.

    please try the folowing action plan:

    – Note the file name which is missing.
    – Try to search that file on your system (Try the search function in windows)
    – When you find that file, note the Path and try to give the update removal wizard the same path so that it can find the file and continue with uninstallation.
    – Try to search for the file ieakmnc.chm. note the location and give the path to wizaed it will proceed, might ask for some more files.

    PLS BE PATIENT. it will work. Iam Sure.

    Let me know the result???.

  3. Did not help really.

    IE 8 just causes my computer to crash all the time.

    I need to use IE on banks cause they use that arcitecture.

    I already use FF and Crome.

    Have nopw got AceExplorer that is built on the old IE platform.

    It will loads banks OK but not give those handy icons.

  4. Then u should install vLite for vista or xplite fore xp.Remember, internet explorer isn’t installed as a program on windows os (microsoft bundles their own software pack with windows os for users,so they will use microsoft products more than other manufacture. Ans they makes sure about it) but as a feature (component).If u remove internet explorer, microsoft Activex control might stops working and several types of program will crash once u open them.
    so I suggest that u should leave it alone and use ur preferred browsers like firefox,opera,safari,googlechrome,chromium,SRWare Iron,Netscape,avant,maxthon,minefield (make firefox defualt browser,so IE won’t start when u click to any internet related files)

  5. No it did not work, in the process it started to copy files back and stopped, asking for ieakmnc.chm or the Windows NT Service Pack uninstall Directory. I had neither so had to cancel.

  6. If IE8 isn’t listed on windows updates,use this method:

    1. Carefully select and then copy the following command:
    2. Click Start, click Run, type cmd.exe, and then press ENTER.
    3. Right-click inside the cmd.exe window, and then click Paste to paste the command that you copied in step 1.
    4. Press ENTER to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. When the uninstall program is finished, restart your computer.

    Verify that your earlier version of Internet Explorer was restored.

    for any help:

  7. Thank you for the tip… i really hate IE8. So, everyone: NEVER INSTALL A BETA VERSION OF IE. But if you do anyway, then follow these tips;)

  8. It’s true that IE is a crappy application..but we can’t get rid of it as there is so much of Microsoft dependency in our day to day activities.

    I browse few sites that run only on IE ( Microsoft updates sites, Internet banking sites & other Microsoft related web sites). Whether we like it or hate it, we should use IE.

  9. I finally got IE8 off my computer by calling microsoft tech support. They have an IE8 removal tool that takes it off for you if you give them access to your computer. They tried every other way first, and nothing worked. I must say, they were very helpful.

  10. Thanx for the great fix- IE8 is a bitch! Interfered w/ActiveX, antivirus, who knows how much aggravation you saved me w/this info?
    Thank you!

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