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Install Google Chrome On Computers Not Connected To Internet Using Standalone Installer and Portable App

Google Chrome Logo Google Chrome is installed with the help of an online installer. When we try to install, It first downloads a 475 KB Installer Application and upon starting the installation process it downloads another 7 MB package from Google servers to complete the installation.

This installation model works well for the users who has Internet connection.  But how to install Google Chrome on a computer that is not connected to Internet?

Standalone Installer

Luckily there is Google Chrome Standalone Installer to solve the problem. The stand alone installer is a full setup package that can be downloaded once and then use it to install Google Chrome on any computer. And another advantage of using standalone installer is Рwe can get rid of the Google Updater software. Google update software is installed automatically  when we install Google Chrome using the online installer.

Download Google Chrome Standalone Installer[Latest Version]

Portable Application

Google Chrome is also available as a portable application – an application setup that does not require any installation, just unzip the package and start using it.

You can download 11 MB portable application from Carsten’s German web site [English Version]

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