Facebook To IE 7: We Don’t Like You Anymore

ie7_logoAn year after Facebook dropping support to Internet Explorer 6.0, it seems to be Internet Explorer 7 is headed to Facebook’s graveyard to join it’s predecessor. Facebook Timeline, one of the most innovative feature from the undisputed king of social networking, is not supported anymore on Internet Explorer 7.

Facebook Timeline first introduced in September 2011 and gradually made available to everyone earlier this month. Internet Explorer 7 users visiting Timeline enabled Facebook profiles would be surprised to see old Facebook profile design with annoying screen layouts.

It’s not a surprise move from Facebook as IE 7 is close to 5 year old and lacks many of the modern browser features.  Google also officially stopped supporting IE 7 on many of it’s popular sites like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs.

Internet Explorer 7 has got just above 4% of global market share so it would not be a big issue if popular sites drop supporting for better design.

Are you still using Internet Explorer (7)? Time to move to more advanced browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 / 8!

source: tnw

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