How To Uninstall IE 9 Beta Completely And Restore IE 8 or IE 7

altMicrosoft Internet Explorer 9 made it’s way to the tech savvy users desktops couple of days ago. Many enthusiastic Windows 7 and Vista users are able to try IE 9 beta version and evaluate new features.

Those who installed IE 9 beta might have been surprised to know that IE 9 completely replaces earlier version of Inter Explorer. Yes. IE 9 does not run side by side with IE 8 or IE 7, it completely replaces them. These surprised users may want to uninstall IE 9 and restore the previous version of IE.

Also just like every other beta software, IE 9 beta may also have bugs that annoys. Whatever may be the reason, if you would like to uninstall IE 9 beta and restore stable version of IE 8 or IE 7, here are the steps to be followed (uninstalling IE 9 is not straight forward as there is no entry of IE 9 in installed applications list)

Steps to uninstall IE 9 Beta and Restore IE 8/IE 7

  1. Open Start Menu
  2. Search for View installed updates in programs list and launch it
  3. From the list of installed updates, select Windows Internet Explorer 9 and right click for uninstall option.
  4. Choose uninstall.
  5. Let the system remove IE 9 and restore the previous of IE installed on your PC.
  6. That’s all. Your previous version of IE should be restored now.


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